Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Peter Kater - How The West Was Lost-Vol. II (1995)

Peter Kater - How The West Was Lost-Vol. II (1995)
New Age / Native American / Ethnic Fusion / Soundtrack

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Artwork included

01. How the West Was Lost - Overture
02. How the West Was Lost (Seminole)
03. Themes for the Cherokee
04. Hand in Hand
05. Prayer for Peace
06. Our Land, Our Life
07. How the West Was Lost (Indian Territory)
08. The Seminole Everglades
09. Challenge at White River
10. Dakota Justice
11. Cherokee Faith
12. Indian Territory
13. White River Utes
14. Landscape of War
15. Proud Warrior
16. Slight of Land
17. Iroquois Longhouse
18. Chief Ouray's Death Song
19. The Cherokee's Brother
20. Everglade Farewell
21. Grandmother's Lament
22. Dance of the North
23. Dakota Medicine
24. How the Wast Was Lost - Closing Theme

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  1. greetings conde luna.... congrats for your blogsite.....about time :)))

    I was wondering if you can post this cd on flac or ape, as well as all the beautiful music you post.
    As an special request, how about Karunesh discography in flac, small downloads of 100 or 200 MB, in stead of 50,60 or 85's files(c'mon man, not everything has to be money or isitn't) ;))
    In avax if you don't pay they fill up your pc with horsis the bastards, they should be put in jail !!!
    Well, take care & gracias nuevamente !!!