Friday, May 28, 2010

Night Ark - Petals On Your Path (1999)

Night Ark - Petals On Your Path (1999)
Middle Eastern / Ethnic Jazz / Fusion

MP3 → 99 MB
APE → 277 MB
Covers included

01. Petals On Your Path
02. The Invisible Lover
03. Melon
04. The Long Goodway
05. Love Is Not In Your Mind
06. Anna Tol' Ya
07. Skating Is Art
08. I Am Dancing With The Devil
09. Intz Mi Khntrir (Don't Ask Of Me)
10. Sly Away
11. Marsala Dreams

256 kbps MP3

Source: Internet


  1. Wonderful music: sometimes jazz, sometimes oriental influences. Gracias!

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